High-Speed Wireless WAN / LAN

Summit Communications Inc., the Midwest leader in wireless communications, provides comprehensive solutions for local and wide area networks utilizing the latest in wireless technologies including broadband, spread spectrum, microwave and infrared laser technologies. Wireless technologies have become a valuable tool to the computer professional requiring fast fiber-like speeds (up to a 1Gbps) for distances up to 40 miles or those requiring the wireless mobility for the portable PC users of today. As a network integration solution provider Summit Communications has the ability to provide the most cost effective wireless wide area network solutions from the leading manufacturers.

Summit Communications, Inc. is your single source for wireless connectivity services. Our suite of services include network design, site surveys, engineering analysis and feasibility studies, turn-key tower design and erection, and on-going service and support to keep your system running at peak efficiency 24 hours a day 365 days a year. When your needs specify a licensed frequency our services include engineering analysis, path profiles, FCC frequency coordination services and license application. We are the single source for any wireless networking project.

Our extensive experience in the wireless industry has allowed us to serve customers in many different industries that include Healthcare, Education, both K thru 12 and higher education, City and County Government, and Business.

Let us show you why "Wireless is just a better way" for your communication needs!

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