Needs Analysis & Feasibility Study

Summit realizes that each customer has very specific network communication needs and that their needs will increase in the future. Summit, with over 20 years of combined wireless experience, has the knowledge and expertise to understand those needs and to tailor each Wireless solution to each customers specific present and future applications, zoning and licensing requirements.


We partner with the industries leading manufacturers such as; Proxim, Ceragon, Redline, Avantry, Axxcelera, BridgeWave, Motorola and Orthogon Systems. This product agnostic approach allows Summit to select the products that provide best in class wireless solutions for each specific customer application. We believe that a best in class wireless solution must be:

  • Cost Effective — we project the ROI of our recommended wireless solution based upon the capital and operating costs of your options, such as leased line, fiber and other wireless alternatives.
  • Reliable - The founders of what is now Summit Communications, were the leading pioneers in the wireless industry. Through the years the business has provided technology solutions to clients in all 50 states. These solutions and services have included telephone systems, IVR systems, network integration, licensed and unlicensed building to building wireless solutions, video conferencing and related support for each application. With the proliferation of wireless equipment operating in the unlicensed frequency bands, interference can compromise network reliability. Therefore, Summit deploys an ever increasing number of licensed systems as required to insure carrier class reliability now and in the future.
  • Flexible and Easily Incorporated into your existing Network — Whether you need voice, data and/or video at T-1, DS-3, Gigabit Ethernet speeds, Summit can design the Wireless Solution to simply expand your present network capabilities to meet your needs. Whenever possible, we design your solution to enable simple equipment changeover as your High-speed Network requirements increase in the future; no need to totally re-design your system. Unlike the alternatives to wireless, Summit High-speed Wireless Solutions are typically installed within weeks of design approval; no easements, no trenching, and minimal disruption to your network or facility.
  • Easy to Manage — GUI-based, integrated management and SNMP capabilities are an integral part of all of the equipment that Summit utilizes in our High-speed Wireless Solutions.

Frequency License Processing

Summit will handle all aspects of the Frequency License application filing process, on behalf of the customer, should a licensed system be required to meet the requirements of the application.

Zoning Variances

Summit will assist the customer with applications for Zoning Variances, in the event that the wireless system design does not meet current restrictions.

Turn-Key Installation

Summit will erect the towers, install the radios, install the cabling, integrate the wireless system into your existing Network, and tune the system for peak performance and maximum throughput.

Maintenance Support

  • Summit will provide Technical Phone Support, at an hourly rate, for those customers who wish to perform some of their own maintenance.
  • Summit will provide on-site maintenance support, at an hourly rate, regardless of who designed and installed your wireless system.
  • Summit provides Maintenance Agreements, for an annual fee. Maintenance Agreement Option include:

System Upgrade Analysis

Whether your present wireless system was designed and installed by Summit or another company, Summit will analyze your present system, new requirements, feasibility and options, and design an upgrade solution that easiy integrates into your present Network.

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