Priority Unit Exchange Maintenance

This program provides customers with a same day or Next day unit replacement for defective equipment. With this service offering a customer would contact our service support center and work with one of our technical support staff to determine which piece of wireless equipment is defective. Once the suspect piece of equipment has been identified, a replacement unit is shipped to you via next priority freight. The defective unit is then returned to us via ground transportation.

On-Site Service and Support

This program provides customers on-site diagnostic and support services for their wireless network. This service is offered with a variety of response times to meet most any customers needs. The program is designed to provide on-site service and support and is priced on a per incident basis, not per day, with response times ranging from next-day to three day response. Our technicians are equipped to provide repair service for antenna support structures such as towers and poles, cabling, lightning suppression, and most wireless systems that are commercially available today.

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