Meru Networks

Meru Networks is a global leader in wireless infrastructure solutions that enable the All-Wireless Enterprise. Its industry leading innovations deliver pervasive, wireless service fidelity for business-critical applications to major Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, healthcare organizations and local, state and federal government agencies. The award-winning Meru Air Traffic Control technology brings the benefits of the cellular world to the wireless LAN environment, and its WLAN System is the only solution on the market that delivers predictable bandwidth and over-the-air Quality of Service with the reliability, scalability, and security necessary to deliver converged voice and data services over a single WLAN infrastructure. Founded in 2002, Meru is based in Sunnyvale, California.

Product Overview

Meru Networks offers the only Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN (WLAN) system that enables the All-Wireless Enterprise, delivering a single wireless infrastructure for business-critical applications including toll-quality voice and high-capacity data. A WLAN architecture that the Gartner Group calls "the high end of the technology spectrum."

Combining centralized security and management with system-wide air traffic coordination and control, the Meru WLAN System overcomes the critical challenges involved in implementing and managing large scale wireless local area networks at enterprise headquarters and branch offices, across campuses, or in multi-tenant facilities.

The Meru WLAN System is a scalable solution consisting of three main product lines: Meru Access Points, Controllers, and Radio Switches.

Meru WLAN technology is unique because of its patented Air Traffic Control technology. Designed within the framework of prevalent 802.11 standards, Air Traffic Control technology addresses the critical elements for deploying enterprise-class WLANs that most networks lack. Patented coordination and timing algorithms allow industry-leading data capacity to coexist with dial-tone quality wireless VoIP calls on the same infrastructure.

Access Points

A key component of the Meru Wireless LAN System, the Meru Access Point delivers unsurpassed Wi-Fi performance in conjunction with Meru Wireless LAN Controllers. Representing a shift to the fourth generation WLAN architecture using coordinated, intelligent APs at the edge, the Meru WLAN System delivers the only Wi-Fi certified infrastructure that handles toll-quality wireless VoIP and high-capacity data on a single infrastructure.


At the center of the Meru Wireless LAN System is the Meru Controller. The Meru Controller Family provides coordination of Meru Access Points to deliver industry leading scalability, reliability and security for large scale wireless LANs. The Controller is the central engine that enforces all wireless LAN policies including security, plug-and-play deployment, RF resource management, mobility, contention management, and Quality of Service. The Controller Family allows the WLAN to grow with the Enterprise.

Radio Switch

Meru Radio Switch family is the only way to add capacity to your enterprise WLAN without adding complexity. University auditoriums and lecture halls, hospitals with voice and data Wi-Fi devices, high density offices with multiple devices, and areas where WLAN capacity is an issue can now address performance problems with a plug-and-play upgrade and without any replanning of their wireless networks. Built on standard, proven wireless networking technology, the Radio Switch uses Meru's industry leading RF intelligence and interference management technologies to re-write the rulebooks for enterprise Wi-Fi and VoIP deployments.

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