Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge

Tsunami QuickBridge point to point links offer the easiest-to-install Ethernet bridge on the market. Consisting of the Quickbridge.11 Series and the QuickBridge II Series, the Tsunami QuickBridge product line offers a complete hop-in-a-box solution, including everything required to set up the link right out of the box. Available with up to 54 Mbps aggregate throughput, the QuickBridge bundles provide a cost effective solution and guarantee a quick return on investment.

The QuickBridge.11 Series operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed frequency bands. Consistent with the Tsunami MP.11 Series, the QuickBridge.11 features QoS support for converged video, voice and data, enhanced security with AES encryption, high-performance with Dynamic Data Rate Selection and WORP, as well as a high power version for extended range.

Proxim's Tsunami QuickBridge II is a complete, user-installable wireless point-to-point bridging solution designed for reliable long distance and low latency voice and data connectivity. This high-performance hop-in-a-box is available with 34 Mbps and two integrated T1/E1 voice channels or with 54 Mbps aggregate throughput. Highly affordable and exceptionally easy to install, Tsunami QuickBridge II eliminates the deployment challenges and recurring fees associated with standard T1, E1, or DS-3 installations.

Summit Licensed Series

Available 6 — 38 GHz and speeds from 2 Mbps to 180 Mbps. Please contact a Summit Sales Representative for more information.

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